KWVF Radio

In 2015, as in every year since 1995, the Kansas Walnut Valley Festival (KWVF) campground and Festival radio will be broadcasting on the FM dial at 105.7 mHz, beginning no later than Wednesday morning, September 9, 2015 (before Land Rush Thursday) until the final notes reach across the valley on Sunday, September 20.

This station will be a valuable source for entertainment, information, and a way of contacting people in case of an emergency. At the top and half past the hour, KWVF campground and Festival radio will bring you Festival news, the latest weather, and special programs lasting for 8 to 10 minutes. For the remainder of each hour, the station will feature music from artists at this year's Festival. It will give you an opportunity to preview artists that are new for this year, or ones you have not seen before, or sample new musical releases from Festival favorites.

In case of an emergency, KWVF campground and Festival radio will air announcements directly from Festival Security. Should severe thunderstorms, tornados, or flash flooding threaten the Festival, the National Weather Service can break into KWVF campground and Festival radio and provide continuous updates about the weather and safety procedures until the threat is over.

So make KWVF part of your routine especially in the morning and evening or throughout the day when you have some free time or need to know what is going on with the weather or other things at the Festival.

The station project manager would like to extend an invitation to any of the Festival attendees who have experience in radio broadcast or production to participate in programming the station, doing interviews, or other special features. This might also be an opportunity for someone interested in learning more about or to do some radio programming and production. For more information, drop a note to Campground and Festival Radio at the Walnut Valley Festival office.