Complete list of the top 3 winners for each contest at 2017 Walnut Valley Festival / National Flat-Picking Championships

2017 Winners of the Walnut Valley Festival Instrument Championships

International Autoharp Champions

1st Place - Cindy Harris from Pittsburgh, PA 2nd Place – Karen Nickel from Winfield, KS 3rd Place – Michael Poole from Chapel Hill, NC

International Finger Style Guitar Champions

1st Place – Christie Lenee from Nashville, TN 2nd Place – Travis Bowman from Alexander, AR 3rd Place – Matt Thomas from Virginia Beach, VA

National Mountain Dulcimer Champions

1st Place – Matthew Hathaway from Fort Worth, TX 2nd Place – Keith Reynolds from Labette, KS 3rd Place - Jessica Hoskins from Arkansas City, KS

National Flat Pick Guitar Champions

1st Place – Andy Hatfield from Peoria, IL 2nd Place – Jason Shaw from Lincoln, NE 3rd Place – Adam Wright from Goodlettsville, TN

Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle Champions

1st Place – Tyler Andal from Nashville, TN 2nd Place Tashina Clarridge from Mt. Shasta, CA 3rd Regina Scott from Tulsa OK

National Mandolin Champions

1st Place – Isaac Eicher from Nashville, TN 2nd Place – Solly Burton from Sullivan, IN 3rd Place – Holten Doucette from Waller, TX

National Hammer Dulcimer Champions

1st Place – Amanda Roberts from Dayton, OH 2nd Place – Scott Freeman from Lafayette, In 3rd – Colin Beasley from Mobile, AL

National Bluegrass Banjo Champions

1st – Kyle Tuttle from Nashville, TN 2nd – Eric Welty from Argyle, TX 3rd – Eric Hardin from West Jefferson, NC