IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2018 Walnut Valley Festival Line-up & Land Rush

There is a mistake in the dates listed for Early Line Up in the July Occasional. Page 4 of the Occasional states that Early Line Up will be from August 15 to August 22.
The correct dates for EARLY LINE UP this year are from August 14 to August 22. We apologize for the typo and any resulting confusion. Below is the complete list of important dates for WVF47 Line-up and Land Rush. Please contact the Festival Office [620-221-3250 or ] if you have any questions.

2018 Walnut Valley Festival Line-up & Land Rush

Early Line Up (Aug 14 – 22, Payable to K & O Gas & Steam) No lines allowed prior to August 14th. The lines will form to the south of the Go-Kart track/pit area and east of the horse barn. There will be 7 lines – labeled A thru G. (Note: Fire Lanes must be maintained and open at all times.) Once the lines are exhausted, parking in the area east of the horse barn is required. NO PARKING on 14th Street!

Early Line Rush (Aug 23 – Aug 31, Payable to City of Winfield) Prior to 7 AM on Aug 23, a lottery drawing of the 7 lettered lines will be held to determine which line will begin the line rush. The rush will continue, with 3 vehicles allowed to proceed from each line in alphabetical order, to the designated areas for either the Pecan Grove or West campgrounds. (A pre-pay plan is available from Aug 23 through Aug 27 for those who cannot attend the Line Rush on Sept 1.)

Line Rush (Sept 1) At 7 AM on Sept 1, WVA will begin collecting fees and assigning Land Rush numbers for the Festival following the line orders that have been established (once payment is received) from Aug 23 through Aug 31.

All campers & vehicles must leave Pecan Grove by 8 AM Tuesday, September 4.

Land Rush (Sept 6) At 7 AM camping units and vehicles with Land Rush numbers will be allowed in the Pecan or West campgrounds in numerical order. WVA has adopted Land Rush as a way for campers to claim their campsites. Campsites are not reserved; Festival camping is available on a first-come, first served basis.