Improve your skill at a hands-on class from top Walnut Valley Festival Performers.

The Walnut Valley Festival Hands-On Workshops are scheduled for Wednesday, September 13th at the Winfield First Baptist Church. Class topics include vocal, flat pick, fingerstyle and blues guitar, mountain dulcimer, autoharp, songwriting, mandolin and bass. These classes are open to a limited number of students, with skill levels from beginner to advanced. A free shuttle will pick you and your friends up at festival grounds and return you there after classes. There is a fee to attend but you are not required to have a full festival ticket to attend. For additional information go to or call (620)221-3250.

Here’s your chance to study with a National Champion guitarist, an award winning recording musician, or one of several IBMA award recognized performers. Get one of your jamming buddies and make a day of fun and learn some new licks at one of the Walnut Valley Festival Hands-On Workshops!