September 10, 2016 Walnut Valley Festival Update & Answers

The City of Winfield does not have the capacity to expand electric hook-ups in the camping areas of the city lake at this time. Please check the official festival website,, the official festival Facebook page or the festival APP for updates. Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding.

With the Walnut Valley Ticket Trailer being relocated from grounds, ticket and camping items will be taken care of at the City of Winfield Lake. Items being held in the “Hold File” will be at the South City Lake entrance building until the Ticket Trailer reopens at the fairgrounds. Later today the Ticket Crew will be manning the building at the entrance road on the South side of the city lake and a Walnut Valley Trailer will be located near the entrance on the North side of the city lake. Until those locations are operational Ticket Crews will be stopping at the various camping areas at the lake to help everyone get what they will need to camp.

Everyone should retain their Electrical Tie, Camping Sticker and Vehicle Numbers as proof of payment.

We have been working hard to obtain answers to everyone’s numerus questions:

Will there be port-a-potties at Winfield Lake? Porta Pots and the service trucks are at the Winfield City Lake Now.

Ticket refunds? This is not something that is going to be addressed at this time. The Walnut Valley Association has every intention of hosting the 45th Festival – at the Winfield Fairgrounds. We are dealing with very much the same situation as in 2008. With help from one of the best Grounds Crews in the world and countless others including the City of Winfield we plan for the interior being as close to normal as in year’s past.

Will there be more electric poles at the lake? Please see the first paragraph at the top of this release.

Wondering where Stage 5 will be. Stage 5 is already making plans to be at the city lake. We will post the location as soon as we hear from them where it will be. We have not been able to track done people to give us updates about the other campground stages. Anyone that is connected with them, we’d appreciate a call letting us know your plans!

Have all of the campsites been relocated to Winfield Lake? The City of Winfield is honoring camping fees paid for the Walnut Valley Festival. Therefore people who already paid for camping can camp at the Winfield City Lake for no additional charge. There are a few other camping alternatives available but the Winfield City Lake is the only location that will provide camping free of charge for people that pay for camping for the festival.

Will there be transportation to/from Winfield Lake/Winfield Fairgrounds? This is something that we cannot address over the weekend. We will be working on this as soon as we can.

Will the festival be cancelled? I heard if the river crests above 34’ it will be cancelled. As stated previously above. Canceling the Festival is Not an option for us.

Photos of the flooding? Sorry we’ve not gotten anything we can share at this time. There have been some photos / video posted on Facebook. As of 3:30 the water is just west of Barn 4 in the West Campgrounds.

Where will campers be able to get water? The official answer from the Grounds Crew – “There is a great big puddle of water right outside your camper. Otherwise, there are several sources of water in the City Lake camping area. Just as in 2008, campers will need to be considerate and share with each other.

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