September 29, 2016 - Update on Electric and Festival app

WVA is currently in talks with City of Winfield about the possibility of enabling WV Festival campers to use vouchers for payment on electric at next year’s festival, if they were unable to obtain service at the Winfield City Lake or elsewhere this year. Festival attendees should keep the numbers on any Walnut Valley Electric ties, camping and vehicle stickers, as these will be a way to prove they paid for camping and electricity. Also they should keep any receipts they have from paying for usage fees out at the lake. Having the numbers from these are really the only way we have to verify they paid anyone for being here.

The Walnut Valley Festival app will deactivate automatically on Oct. 2. We will be cloning the app and will use it to build next year’s version. Before Oct. 2, we encourage you to take a moment to complete the Festival Survey, located in the app’s Feedback section, in order to provide us with your ideas and suggestions for next year's Festival.