Jo Ann Smith & Friends

Jo Ann Smith
Years at Winfield: 

Jo Ann Smith plays the autoharp in ways that will forever change your thinking about this instrument and its role in traditional music. Her broad range of styles, exquisite arrangements and drop-dead technical abilities are a delight to experience. Known for her expertise on the diatonic autoharp, Jo Ann is a much sought-after performer and workshop instructor. Her easygoing demeanor and can-do approach make her a favorite of audiences and workshop attendees alike. Having won both the International (Winfield) Autoharp Championship in 1999 and the Mountain Laurel Championship in 2003, Jo Ann is sure to surprise and delight you with her 37-string prowess.

Joining Jo Ann are friends Patricia WebsterScott SchmidtShelby EicherWalt Bowers, and others whose talent and love of music together create an instrumental showcase you’ll long remember. You'll hear sweet melodies and haunting tunes, some familiar and some fresh and new. From breathtakingly beautiful ballads to lightning-fast fiddle tunes, you won’t believe your ears......and you will never see an autoharp the same way again.

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