2018 NewSong Showcase Winners and Alternates


Thurs. Winner: Don Richmond- JOE Thurs. Alt: Joy Zimmerman-WILL YOU STAND WITH ME

Sat. Winner: Rex Seabury (aka Utah Slim) BEARS EARS Sat. Alt: Bob Malcom- THE GAME


Thurs: Winner: Bruce Johnson- SELFAHOLIC Thurs. Alt: Leslie Galloway- I’M NOT AFRAID TO FLY

Sat. Winner: Kevin Hale- I’M FINALLY GOING HOME Sat. Alt: Bob Burbee- SWEET REDEMPTION SONG


Walnut Valley Festival Land Rush will take place Sunday, Sept. 9, 1:00pm

Officials at Walnut Valley Association have announced that the Land Rush for this year’s Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS, will be held on Sunday, September 9, at 1:00pm.

Festival officials delayed the Land Rush, the traditional Thursday “race” to claim campsites, because of concerns about muddy conditions at the rain-soaked Winfield fairgrounds. There are no indications that the fairgrounds will flood, and an official at El Dorado Lake has said there has been no upstream release of water apart from the normal discharge.

Walnut Valley Festival to Delay Land Rush

Winfield, Kansas September 4, 2018

Officials at Walnut Valley Association have announced that the Land Rush for this year’s Walnut Valley Festival will be delayed till the weekend in order to allow for drying of the campgrounds. Land Rush will NOT be held on Thursday, September 6, as planned. On Thursday at noon, officials will announce whether the Land Rush will be held on Saturday, Sept. 8, or Sunday, Sept. 9. The information will be posted on the WVF website, wvfest.com, on the Festival’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and posted on the mobile app as well.

Ernie Hill returns for his Story Songs Set again in 2018

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of a storyteller; especially a storytelling songwriter? What sparks the imagination behind these stories? Ernie Hill is a storytelling Songwriter from Arkansas. He has pondered this mystery to the extent that he wrote a book about it and also created a concept “Story Songs” workshop. Story songs is not a hands-on workshop, but rather, a song presentation and panel discussion in which three or more storytelling songwriters, chosen from the line-up, perform an original song and pick each other’s brains about the process.