Travis Bowman

Travis Bowman of Alexander, AR placed second in this competition. He says this is his second time to enter this competition. Last year he made the cut to five. He attends other festivals in the greater AR area and loves the competition. Friends urged him to come the first time and when he tasted the competition he just had to come back. Travis plays the piano and an instrument called the Chinese violin. Of the Festival Travis said he has wanted to come to Winfield and the Festival since he was a kid.

Christie Lenée

First place went to one who classifies herself as a guitarist, composer, singer/songwriter and touring musician. Christie Lenee hails from Nashville, TN. This was Christie’s first visit to Winfield and the Festival. Her manager, Gina Mendello told her she was going to enter into the competition here in Winfield and Christie said “OK.” She plays numerous other instruments and considers her specialty the 12-string guitar.

2017 International Finger Style Guitar Champions Named

The Walnut Valley Association congratulates the 2017 winners of the International Finger Style Guitar Championship Contest.

1st Place – Christie Lenee from Nashville, TN

Prize Instrument Selected: The Taylor 814ce Grand Auditorium Guitar provided by Taylor Guitars Inc. of El Cajon, CA

2nd Place – Travis Bowman from Alexander, AR

Prize Instrument Selected: Bourgeois OMC Soloist Guitar provided by Bourgeois Guitars, Inc. of Lewiston, ME

3rd Place – Matt Thomas from Virginia Beach, VA

2017 International Autoharp Champions Named

The Walnut Valley Association would like to congratulate the 2017 winners of the International Autoharp Championship.

1st Place - Cindy Harris from Pittsburgh, PA

2nd Place – Karen Nickel from Winfield, KS

3rd Place – Michael Poole from Chapel Hill, NC