Crow Johnson

“Hearsay” is the latest recorded offering from singer songwriter, Crow Johnson. “Hearsay” is loaded with wonderful story songs that paint visual images leading listeners down a path at one moment to the harshness of a cold city and a woman living on hope (Charlene and the Social Worker), then off to the peacefulness of a mountain stream and a celebration just in the joy of music and singing (Every Now and Then). Of the 12 tracks, 11 are original songs, with the 12th song, “Only Those Two Arms” contributed by Donna Henschell.

All of the selections are very tastefully recorded, with what feels to be just the right amount of accompaniment. Subliminally demonstrating her talent as a musician as well as the singer, Crow plays a myriad of instruments including piano, acoustic and electric guitars, banjo and even the organ. A stable of other fine musicians adds the crowning touch musically. Everyone that participated in the instrumentation of “Hearsay” had a defined role to fill and did a lovely job. The cello of Myron Flippo and the percussion from Darren Novotny affect the emotional content of the songs in a wonderful way.

Having grown up in a home full of music, being a musician, and knowing Crow, I find “Song from the Heart” my personal favorite. But due to a strong love for the water, particularly a certain river, and a feeling of deep connection with the outdoors, I really found “This is All (You will ever need)” a song I was drawn to.

“Hearsay” is a recording made up of a dozen songs that were selected with a great deal of thought. “Hearsay is a recording that can be enjoyed for the sake of music, but you have to listen to the wonderfully crafted lyrics of the songs to really experience “Hearsay”. Anyone who will take the time to really listen to this cd will find something they can identify with and enjoy. Give yourself a treat, take an hour, turn off the distractions and experience “Hearsay”

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