This Pretty Planet

Tom Chapin
Sony Wonder

Billboard, October 10, 1992

"This Pretty Planet: Tom Chapin in Concert,"
Sony Kids Video, 50 minutes, $14.98.

There are so many nice moments in this video, it’s hard to know where to begin. There’s Chapin - playing with the words in "Uh Oh Accident," serving up rhythm’n’rhyme in "Alphabet Soup," and singing love songs to the earth, including the inspiring title international anthem. And then there’s his family audience at the Irvington (N.Y.) Town Hall Theater - applauding in recognition of hits like "Family Tree," singing along to the upbeat "Good Garbage," and playing the whales in "Sing A Whale Song." As usual with Chapin, every detail is made as fine as his music - from the set with the front porch motif to artfully placed animation and mature footage to the video’s excellent production overall.

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