September 17, 2009 Volume 12.4

Welcome to the 38th Annual Walnut Valley Festival.

The WVA Voice will hopefully keep you up to date with changes in schedule, contest winners, tidbits of info and etc. If you enjoy the WVA Voice, let us know. Thanks for coming and enjoy this year’s Festival!

The WVA Voice is available at the following locations: Walnut Valley Festival Information Booth, Kamp Ground Coffee, Stage 6, Stage 5, and Under the Son RV Camping Supplies (over by the horse barns).

The Information Booth Hours
Thursday - Saturday 9/17-19 from 8 AM to 11 PM
Sunday, 9/20 from 8 AM to 4 PM

11th Annual Riverat Band Scramble and Costume Contest Results

The 11th Annual Riverats Band Scramble and Costume Contest was just as successful as in previous years. Fun and Frivolity was had by all. This year’s theme was “RAT FIELD – Scrambling To Play.” At 10 AM Wednesday morning the groups were formed and then it was practice, Practice, PRACTICE! Then at 1 PM the groups had to perform, and that they did! What a blast! Then it was time for the judges to do their work. When the votes were cast the results were as follows:

Band Contest

  • 1st Place – Team Rat – Band members include Chris Hope, Coy Dog, Andy Malkewitz and John Mitchell
  • 2nd Place – Ghosts of Scramblers Past – Band members include Jim Herman
  • 3rd Place – Bluegrass Sirens – Band members include Cassie, Janet Rhodes, Windy, Pam Van Wey, and Dennis Hardin
  • Rodentia Award – Team Rat - ( Listed above).
  • People’s Choice Award – State Line - Members include Jim Carrey, Dave Cern, Joel Dyer and Ken Sager

Costume awards went to : Best Kickball Player (Dylan Dorrell, Best Baseball Player (The Rat w/Cris Hope as his trainer), Best Little League Player (Kiana Boltz), Best Soccer Player (Dave Smith), Best Umpire or Referee (Dave Smith), Best Synchronized Swim Team (Lisa Baily & Charlotte “Campmom”), Best Cheerleader (Dave Smith), Best Cheerleading Squad (Dave Smith), Best Crazed Team Fan (Chris Hope), Best Roller Derby Queen (Dave Smith), Best Soccer Mom (Karen McNally), Best Coach (David Dixon), Best Little League Parent (Maggie Menhusen & Brooke Menhusen), Best Football Player (Ciarra Myers & Maggie & Brooke Menhusen), Best Other (David Dixon & Brooke Menhusen, and finally Best of the Best David Dixon, Maggie & Brooke Menhusen and Ciarra Myers!

Stop by the Rats Camp and give them your thoughts and comments on this activity.

The Walnut Valley Mercantile Is Open

That’s right The Mercantile is open and it has CDs, Videos, and Books for sale. The Mercantile is located in the building located just west of the grandstand. It sells entertainers music items for them and there is no charge for this service. This would be a good place to get a Christmas or birthday gift for that special friend or relative. The entertainers bring their merchandise to The Mercantile where it is on display and for sale. These same CDs/Tapes are available after each entertainer’s set. In The Mercantile you will find there are some excellent sales. No T-Shirts are sold in The Mercantile. The T-Shirts area available from the Art Farm in the south end of the same building.

Mug Buffet Line

Resident potters, Steve and Jane Fry of Elk Falls Pottery in Elk Falls, KS have designed and produced the Official Walnut Valley Mug for many years. The line will form to purchase either the “Walnut Valley” series mug or the “Winfield” series mug at 12 noon on Thursday, September 17th. Only a limited number of these mugs are made each year and either mug is a treasure worth having!

Stage 5 Schedule - Thursday – Sept. 17, 2009
  • 11:30 Just Cal
  • NOON Cottonwood Snow
  • 12:30 PM Bill Hoy
  • 01:00 Stompin' Dave
  • 01:30 Tommy James & the Pasacluagh Family
  • 02:00 Larry E. Dillon
  • 02:30 The Geciders
  • 03:00 Bumpin The Road
  • 03:30 Whiskey Trio
  • 04:00 Klondike 5
  • 04:30 David Learned
  • 05:00 Simone & Garfunk
  • 05:30 Randy Crouch & Flying Horse
  • 06:00 Willie Redbone
  • 06:30 Jesse Aycock
  • 07:00 The Ready Brothers
  • 07:30 Thomas Trapp & The Bluegrass Bullies
  • 08:00 Miss Nikki
  • 08:30 Fiasco Brothers
  • 09:00 Pogue Mahone
  • 09:30 The Greenhorns
  • 10:00 Possum Stew
  • 10:30 THE SKIRTS
  • 11:00 Reintarnation
  • 11:30 Lorie Jo
  • Midnight 3 Trails West
  • 12:30 Chinese Pancake
  • 01:00 Jon Gamache
  • 01:30 The Fairmounters
  • 02:00 Hipbilly
  • 02:30 Tommy Herrmann
  • 03:00 STAGE CLOSED
Dessert Contest Results

Yes, we’ve already had one contest and others remain to be held. Here are the results of the Dessert Contest:

Best Tasting:

  • 1st Place - Debra w/ Banned Camp-Cherry Pineapple Cobbler
  • 2nd Place-Amanda w/ White Trash Camp-Pumpkin Roll.

Best Song:

  • 1st Place-Steve & Lisa w/Biergarten CampOn The Trail Cake;
  • 2nd Place-Diane & Dave w/Chicken Train Camp-Better Than Sex Cake.

Best Presentation:

  • 1st Place-Alan & Adam w/Non Musical Camp-Cherry Wine (this was presented with a sword fight by these two men in full armor-a sight to behold),
  • 2nd Place-Wacker w/Badland Camp-Cheery O Bars.

Finally the Judges Award:

  • 1st Place-Debra w/Banned Camp-Cherry Pineapple Cobbler;
  • 2nd Place-Karen w/ Banned Camp Birthday Cake.

And yes, a good time was had by all, contestants, judges and audience alike. OK, lets all work on our recipes for next year!

Port-A-Potty Etiquette

While your Voice Editor was out playing paperboy, a visit was made to Camp Nowhere out west on 14th Avenue. After a brief chat, one of the ladies suggested I write a column on the above. Her first comment was “Tell the men not to --- on the seat.” Well the suggestions went on from there. “Women, don’t use the urinal as a purse holder,” “Men and Women, please put the seat and cover down when finished,” “Knock first before entering as the person may not have locked the door after going in.” This same nice lady then told me that in California they don’t call them Port-A-Potties, they’re called, get this, “EXPERIENCE Chambers” as that is where one goes to have an “out of body experience.” Perhaps we all could observe a little more “Port-A-Potty” Etiquette.

HAIKU? What In The World Is That?

What is a haiku? (5 syllables) Want to know. Ask this man that. (7 syllables) Kenny Knauer. (5 syllables)

Front Porch Radio - Acoustic Sound Stage Schedule

Thursday- September 17, 2009 (Cowboy Night)

  • 7:00 PM Camp Avalon All Stars
  • 8:00 The Bennett Briothers
  • 9:00 Marshall Bailey & the Silver Bullets
  • 10:00 Diamond W Wranglers
  • 11:00 Prickly Pear

Friday – September 18, 2009

  • 7:00 PM The Wiyos
  • 7:45 Kym Warner & Andy Falco
  • 8:30 TBA
  • 9:00 Mountain Smoke
  • 10:00 Kati Penn & New Town
  • 11:00 The Kessinger Brothers & Friends
Like Fried Pickles?

Well if you do, then head to Camp Super Pickle over on the east side by the Horse Barns, The Ice House & Under the Son RV & Camping Supplies. There you will find Camp Super Pickle and on Friday evening at 6:00 PM they will be frying up all kinds of pickles. Boy are they GOOD! I’ll be there, will YOU?

Men In Wood

As I was strolling in the east campgrounds just north of 14th Avenue, I came across two ladies who were feverishly working away in their camp, Camp No BS. One was stitching what looked like patches onto something and the other was working on a short log of wood. Nancy Parrot from Chanute, KS had her brushes and paints and some clay out. On this stump of wood she had shaped what looked like the face of an old man. When I asked about it, she told me she had been doing something like this each year for the last four or five years. Nancy calls them “Men In Wood.”

Each one she has created these last few years is unique as she sees a “different man” in each stump of wood. When I asked what she does with the “Man In Wood,” she said she gives it away. Nancy turned to me and said, “Would you like this one?” I immediately responded with a resounding YES! I asked why she didn’t sell them and she told me that she tells whoever gets the “Man In Wood” to make a donation to their favorite charity. I certainly will do that and I look forward to having that piece of art in my home. Stop by Camp No BS and you can view Nancy’s work.