Friday, September 20, 2013 - Volume 16.6

Welcome to the 42nd Annual Walnut Valley Festival.

The WVA Voice will hopefully keep you up to date with changes in schedule, contest winners, and other tidbits of info.

The WVA Voice is available at the following locations: The WVA Information Booth, Kamp Grounds Coffee, a spot North of Hway 160, Stage 6, and Stage 5.

Do You Like Fried Pickles?

Well if you do, then head to Camp Super Pickle over on the east side by the Horse Barns & The Ice House. There you will find Camp Super Pickle and on Friday evening at 5:00 PM they will be frying up pickles. Boy are the GOOD! I hope to be there, will YOU?

Recycling Made Easy!!

Trash bags for recycling are available at the Information Booth, the Ticket Booth, and the Crafts Information Booth as well as from the Boy Scouts who will be picking up these bags. Please use the following trash bags for recycling.

Clear Bags - aluminum cans for Boy Scouts
Blue Bags - Glass Containers, clean paper, and plastic containers #1-6

NO Styrofoam Please!!!

Place full bags next to trash barrels
Not in trash barrels

Mom and the Crockett Sisters

While watching David Munnelly, I was sitting in the grandstand and these four little girls were marching up and down on the bleachers. I noticed the t-shirts; one said Biggest Sister, then Bigger Sister, then Big Sister and last but not least Little Big Sister. Mom is seated in the back holding Baby Brother. The family came to the festival for just the day from Longton, KS. Aren't they just the cutest!!!

Mass in the Campgrounds

On Saturday evening (Sept 21st) at 4:00pm at camp Next To Nowhere, the McSpebee Clan is pleased to be hosting this year's Catholic Mass.

Their camp is located on the northwest part of Pecan Grove, right along the street, just before the bridge. All are welcome to join us as we gather around the table of the Lord singing those ol' time gospel favorites. Bring your lawn chairs. Father Michael Pratt from Tulsa Oklahoma will be the celebrant, and we have work that he promises to keep the sermon "short and sweet!" By the way, Father Michael's father Gary Pratt is a true Indian Chief of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma and he will be attending this Mass also.

Festival People

Dan Rankin hails from Atlanta, GA and has been coming to the Festival since 1997. I heard about Dan from someone who heard him expound on the virtues of the Walnut Valley Festival. He has attended numerous other festivals up and down the east coast and he says "There is nothing like Winfield." He says he looks forward to camping in the Thistle Dew Camp and pickin in the various campgrounds at the Festival. Dan loves the variety of music you hear and he says he has learned and grown musically so much. He enjoyed the other evening the jam session in the "Pickin Parlor". Festival goers don't really realize what they have in the Walnut Valley Festival.

Bill Gosch camps in the Pecan Grove and does his thing. His thing is painting. This is what drew me to stop by his camp site as I was cruising through the Pecan Grove. Bill says he comes to the Festival to relax and listen to the music and to paint. He is a handymay in Powell, MO and finds painting relaxing.

Zach and Sarah Meyers from Colwich KS have attended the festival for 13 years. They enjoy going to the campsites and listening to the music. Zach and Sarah remember the days when they had no children and came free-wheelin to the Walnut Valley Festival. Now they bring the family. Zach says it's the spirit and the "kid friendliness" that keeps them coming back.

Three years ago, a new friend decided to serve his country and joined the military. I wrote about this. Zack Shyrock from Cheney missed the festival to serve active duty in Afghanistan. We at the Voice sent him our well wishes and his folks sent the issue of the Voice which told his story. Zach said that was one of the best letters he received while he was deployed. He thought about home and Winfield every day. Now he's home (U.S. that is) and will be a helicopter pilot. I saw Zach this week along with sister Becka and from Bowden GA, Zach's new better half Brittany. Becka says Zach is the reason the whole family comes!

As Seen on a Poop Truck

"Your #2 is our #1"