Saturday, September 21, 2013 Volume 16.7

Welcome to the 42nd Annual Walnut Valley Festival

The WVA Voice will hopefully keep you up to date with changes in schedule, contest winners, and tidbits of info.

Stage 5 Schedule - Saturday Sept. 21, 2013
  • 11:00 AM - Bluegrass Bullies
  • 11:30 Jon Gannache
  • NOON KC Bear Fighters
  • 12:30 PM The Licksnatchers
  • 1:00 Green Earth Band
  • 1:30 Landrush
  • 2:00 Mad Cabbages
  • 2:30 Old Sound
  • 3:00 Flint Hills Echo Boy
  • 3:30 Shoofly
  • 4:00 Buffalo Jones & The Heard
  • 4:30 Bob Runyon
  • 5:00 The Bus Company
  • 5:30 The Culture of the Altered - Shannon Wurst & Friends
  • 6:00 Billy Palmer
  • 6:30 Scenic Roots
  • 7:00 TBA
  • 7:30 Carson Mac
  • 8:00 Miss Sunnie Valentine & The Broken Hearts
  • 8:30 Stateline
  • 9:00 Jim Paul Blair
  • 9:30 Fast Food Junkies
  • 10:00 DeWayn Brothers
  • 10:30 Lonesome Traveler (reunion show)
  • 11:00 MilkDrive
  • 11:30 Robin Roberts & Billie Preston
  • Midnight The Fairmounters
  • 12:30 DRIVEN
  • 1:00 Carrie Nation & the Speak Easy
  • 1:30 Piper Leigh & The Smokin' Section
  • 2:00 Kissinger Brothers STAGE CLOSED

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National Mountain Dulcimer Champions

In this contest there were 13 contestants from nine different states. First place went to an appliance specialist from Madison, MS. Jeff Hames placed second in 2012. Second place was awarded to a 15-year-old home schooled student from Clarksville, GA. Nathaniel Samel considers music his favorite subject.

Meet some Festival People with Ernie Hill

Gretchen Newman, Stephen Yesner & Elise Wheeler are from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Gretchen first attended the festival because her twin sister had a craft booth. Gretchen fell in love with the festival, the music and the jamming. She and Stephen made friends with the Kansas and Colorado folks near their camp in the West Campground. Stephen loves the jams. They've met such great folks here, and it's the only time of the year they get to see these special pickin friends. This is Elise's first time to attend. She loves the festival. Elise says she's "comin back with a bunch of pals".

Adam Gardino, Colorado Springs, CO, has attended the festival with his folks, Marty and Joe, for 9 years. He's attending the festival for the 2nd year now with his fiance, Tyler AnnOwen. Adam was part of the Wednesday night Winner's Showcase to kick off the festival. This polite and thoughtful young man won 3rd place in 2010 International Fingerstyle Guitar, and last year won 1st place! Adam loves the family atmosphere at the Walnut Valley Festival. I just happened to have my guitar out when I met Adam and I asked him to play it. WOW! That old guitar of mine has never sounded that good and I doubt it will ever sound that good again! (Unless Adam gets a hold of it!)

Levi from Burden, KS is thirty years old this week, this festival. Levi, darn it, I lost our notes and I didn't get your last name, but I know folks have seen you around here and know who I'm talking about. See, Levi was almost born here. Literally! Mom nearly gave birth to Levi at Stage 1. Marty, Levi's dad, had to talk her into going to the hospital. She did not want to leave. Levi and his folks made it back. The only years Levi missed the Walnut Valley Festival were when he was deployed serving our country. Levi loves the music, the spirit, and will come back every year. Levi camps in the Pecan Grove.

Joyce Morris is from Southwest City, MO and has attended the festival with her husband Bob. They have camped with us all over the grounds and for the last decade plus in LaLa Land. Joyce is full of like and had never met a stranger until Thursday. Joyce was painting the bridge at LaLa Land and a lady came by and gave her a bag of badges. She told Joyce we could use thes. She rode off without an introduction. The badges are of our LaLa Land banner with camp in the background. The anonymous badge fairy left enough for us to display proudly. We sure would like to thank this badge fairy! Please email us at