Saturday, August 26, 2017 - Volume 20.1


On behalf of the Redford Family and the staff of the Walnut Valley Association we say WELCOME to Winfield and the 46th Walnut Valley Festival. Forty-five years ago a tradition was started and what a tradition it has become. A legacy was started and “The Legacy Continues.” As a matter of fact, that is this year’s theme. So, whether you’ve come from far or near we’re glad you’re here. We hope you will enjoy this year’s festival and all that it has to offer. If there is anything we can do to make your stay at the Festival a more memorable or comfortable one just let us know. The Media Crew will again provide you with the latest information on the goings on here at the Festival through this newsletter call the WVA Voice. We hope you enjoy the Voice! Look for your free copy at various places here on the Festival grounds, especially the Information Booth under the Grandstand.

Again, we’re glad you’re here! Enjoy the Walnut Valley Festival – the International Convention for Acoustic String Musicians!

WVF Announces Artist Lineup for this Special 46th Annual Festival

Winfield, Kansas…In just a few days, the Walnut Valley Festival will be well underway. This will be the 46th edition of the festival which began in 1972. It has come to be one of the top acoustic music events in the world. Recent years have seen musicians and music fans from points around the globe making the trip to south central Kansas to participate in what has affectionately become known to many simply as “Winfield”. This year will also be the 46th anniversary of the National Flatpick Guitar Championship. The Flatpick Championship has been held at each of the past festivals and has showcased some of the most talented guitarists in the industry.

The Walnut Valley Festival has grown to encompass four official stages with over 200 hours of professionally performed music, 8 different acoustic instrument contests including 2 international, 5 national and 1 Walnut Valley championship for guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, autoharp and both hammer and mountain dulcimers. Musicians also come to enjoy the nearly continuous campground jam sessions that can include virtually every style of music known. For folks that want a break from the music, the festival also includes a major arts and crafts show that draws artists from as many as 20 different states.

This 2017 Walnut Valley Festival line-up of entertainers includes the following performers: Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Betse & Clark w/the Bushy Creek String Band, The Paperboys, Juni Fisher, Socks in the Frying Pan, Claire Lynch Band, John McCutcheon, The Steel Wheels, Adam Miller, Andy May, Roz Brown, Marley’s Ghost, Stephen Bennett, Still On The Hill, 3 Trails West, Mark Sganga, Nick Charles, Della Mae, Bing Futch, Grass It Up, Tim May & Steve Smith, John McEuen, Joshua Messick Trio, The Outside Track, John Rwischman & The Jaybirds, Wall-Eyed Moles, Ernie Hill, Barry Patton & Linda Tilton.

Walnut Valley Festival Announces Wednesday Workshops Instructors

Winfield, Kansas … The Walnut Valley Festival has begun accepting registrations for the annual hands-on workshops held on this year on Wednesday, September 13th in conjunction with the Walnut Valley Festival.

Each year the Walnut Valley Association conducts a series of “hands-on” workshops that give students an opportunity to spend time studying with some of the top musicians from around the world. The classes are for various skill levels of students and are determined by the instructors. The classes are limited in participant numbers so anyone interested in taking one of the classes should consider registering to insure acceptance into the class of their choice. For more information about these workshops please contact the Walnut Valley Festival office at 918 Main Street or call the festival office at 620-221-3250. Details can also be found at the festival web site

This year students will have eleven options for classes to participate in. The following classes will be held: Adam Miller: Melodic Harp, Bing Futch: Mountain Dulcimer Delta Blues, Betse Ellis: Help for Frustrated Fiddlers, Tim May: Flat Pick Guitar, Gina Clowes: Banjo, Nick Charles: Blues Guitar, Claire Lynch: Inspiration and Craft in Songwriting, Stephen Bennett: Finger Style Guitar, Chris Jones: Bluegrass Vocals, Mark Schatz: Bass, and Steve Smith: Mandolin. The next issue of the WV Voice will have more information on these workshops.

A WELCOME from Ernie & Patti Hill

(Editor’s Note: Ernie & Patti are a part of the Media Crew that brings you the WVA Voice)

Welcome to the 46th Walnut Valley Festival - The Legacy Continues ... The Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, KS, "Pickers' Paradise, The International Convention for String Musicians", will be held September 13-17, 2017 come hail or high water. For 46 years, pickers and listeners have sojourned to this magical place on the Kansas plains to make music, to compete, to perform, to celebrate life with music. This year we will carry on without our founder and leader, Bob Redford.

Walnut Valley Association President Bob L. Redford; born July 2, 1938, passed away on December 17, 2016. There is not enough room in this article or this newsletter to give proper tribute to this man whose dedication to live music has resulted in this legendary event--one of the longest running acoustic music festivals in U.S. history. This smiling man has given so much back to the Winfield community and has created a venue for countless wonderful memories as thousands return to Walnut Valley year after year to experience this haven--a mecca for music, fellowship and peace. Thanks, Bob Redford, for giving all of us a reason to come together every year. This September, as you walk the Winfield Fairgrounds, take some time to remember and appreciate Bob and the reason why you come home to Winfield. We will miss Bob Redford. His legacy stands tall. The Legacy Continues...

Friends, our 45th was a toad-strangler to the point of evacuation but the Festival went on! Each and every day we are subject to the blessings, whims and wrath of Mother Nature. Each and every year we promise the best line up yet, and we do our best to deliver. Year 46 will be no different! We have old friends returning to perform and new music friends to hear and enjoy as we return home to the Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas. The complete list of entertainers is listed on the front page of this WVA Voice.

The Walnut Valley Festival is, and will forever be, a family festival. We welcome you. We ask you to make those around you welcome. This event has grown. Camping here has evolved with the times. For decades, folks have faithfully endured travel, weather, and critical times, to get here, set up camp, and start celebrating life with music. The campgrounds are for everyone regardless of whether you are tent camping or jockeying your bus. Please be a good neighbor. Show respect for one another. That is the Walnut Valley Spirit that we aim to preserve and share. Drugs or alcohol, belligerence or violent behavior will not be tolerated. Come share the years of music, fun and family, share the love and help us make this another one to remember. There is no place on earth like the Walnut Valley Festival. Legendary campground jams! National and International instrument championship contests! Songwriter's Showcase, Workshops, Kids Activities, great arts and crafts plus food, food, food! Bring your family, bring your high waders, your sun screen, your favorite food and your instruments and please bring someone you love. We'll see you in September as The Legacy Continues . . . Ernie & Patti Hill

2017 Pins – Limited Issue

The Walnut Valley Association has prepared a special 46th Anniversary Lapel Pin. They will be available for purchase from the Information Booth (under the grandstand) both during the Festival and from the Festival headquarters before and after the Festival. Be sure to get yours.

Look for More Information in upcoming issues of the WVA Voice about various activities and events that will be taking place before and during the Festival. Look for information on the Annual Festival Golf Scramble, The 27th Annual Winfield WarmUp Workshop, Picnic and Concert, the WVA Recycling Program, The Mercantile, Stage V and its Schedule and lots more. Happy Reading!

WVA Recycling Program

Trash bags for recycling will be distributed as you enter the grounds and additional bags will be available as needed as well as from the Boy Scouts who will be picking up these bags. Please use the following trash bags for recycling: Clear Bags – aluminum cans for Boy Scouts; Blue Bags – Glass Containers, Clean Paper, & Plastic Containers [no. 1-6]. No Styrofoam Please!!! Place full bags next to trash barrels. Not in trash barrels!

Again, WELCOME back (or should I say “WELCOME HOME”) to Winfield and the Walnut Valley Festival. We hope you enjoy this 46th rendition of the Festival. We hope you also enjoy the WVA Voice. This is the 20th Year of the Voice in this format . Tentative Publication dates are as follows: September 4, 8 11, (12 ?) , and 13-17, 2017.

On Friday, August 25th at 2:00 PM there were 599 registered campers (357 in the Pecan Grove and 242 in the West Campground) for the Early Line Rush according to Head Campermaster and Line-Up Guru, Rick Meyer .