Thursday, September 14, 2017 Volume 20.7

Welcome to the 46th Annual Walnut Valley Festival. The WVA Voice will hopefully keep you up to date with changes in schedule, contest winners, tidbits of info and etc. If you enjoy the WVA Voice, let us know. Thanks for coming and enjoy this year’s Festival!

The WVA Voice is available at the following locations: Walnut Valley Festival Information Booth, Kamp Ground Coffee, Stage 6, The Ice House, at GSpot Campsite North of Hway 160 and Stage 5.

Feeling Tired and Sluggish? Then it is time for a massage. Yes, that is right, the Massage Parlor is open and ready for clients to receive a first rate massage. Stop by and schedule your appointment. It is located in the Barn behind Stage 2. Open from 8 AM to 10 PM.

Mug Buffet Line - Resident potters, Steve and Jane Fry of Elk Falls Pottery in Elk Falls, KS have designed and produced the Official Walnut Valley Mug for many years. The line will form to purchase either the “Walnut Valley” series mug or the “Winfield” series mug at 12 Noon on Thursday, September 14th. Only a limited number of these mugs are made each year and either mug is a treasure worth having!

19th Annual Riverat Band Scramble and Costume Contest Results

The Annual Riverats Band Scramble and Costume Contest was just as successful as in previous years. Fun and Frivolity was had by all. This year’s theme was “The Summer of Peace, Rats & Understanding”

Here are the Band Contest Results:

1st Place – “Creedance Ratwater Revival” – Huston Bales, Robin Allen & Brian McNamar

2nd Place –“Rat Droppings” – Dave Hart, Brittany Monroe & Tom Bugardus

3rd Place – “Gratful Dead” – Paul Hagemeier, Kyle Brigsby & Pete

Rodentia Award – “Creedance Ratwater Revival”

People’s Choice Award – “The Moody Rodents”

Costume awards went to: Best Simon and/or Ratfunkle (Simon & Garfunkel): Jill Hunt, Best Mama: Tara Young, Poppa Rat: Houston Bales, Best Ratty Hippy Dude: Road Ron, Best Ratty Hippy Chick: Britany Bales, Best Peace Sign, Rick Rabeoz & Margaret Raymond, Best Bellbottoms: Blain Hadley, Best Flower Child: Mayah Henderson, Best Tie Dye Gal: Luanne Soukup, Best Tie Dye Guy: Craig Trayaille, Best Ratlo Guthrie: Larry Dillon, Best Janis Ratlon: Teri Williams, Best Mr. Tamborine Rat: Dan McNamar, Oldest Winfield Shirt: Cindy Parks, Oldest Tie-dyed Winfield Shirt: Tara Young, Best Other: Don & Kasey Voss and Best of the Best: Blaine Hadley

Stop by the Rats Camp and give them your thoughts and comments on this activity

The Walnut Valley Mercantile Is Open

That’s right The Mercantile is open and it has CDs, Videos, and Books for sale. The Mercantile is located in the building just west of the grandstand. It sells entertainer’s music items for them and there is no charge for this service. This would be a good place to get a Christmas or birthday gift for that special friend or relative. The entertainers bring their merchandise to The Mercantile where it is on display and for sale. These same CDs/Tapes are available after each entertainer’s set. In The Mercantile you will find there are some excellent sales. No T-Shirts are sold in The Mercantile. The T-Shirts are available from the Art Farm in the south end of the same building.

Friday Kids Crafts

  • 10 to 11 AM Tie-Dye Tees
  • 2 to 3 PM Cedar Coin Christmas Ornaments

Saturday Kids Crafts

  • 10 to 11 AM Tie-dye Bandanas
  • 2 to 3 PM Foot Print Wind Socks

Donations accepted to help offset the artists’ expenses For ages 5-12 years - $1.00 Minimum per Child

Stage 5 Schedule – Thursday Sept 14, 2017
  • 11:00 OPEN
  • 11:30 OPEN
  • 12:30 OPEN
  • 1:00 EVAN OGBORN
  • 1:30 BONE TO PICK
  • 4:00 DOLLS ON FIRE
  • 7:30 L A FAHY
  • 9:30 KONZA SWAMP
  • 12:30 3 TRAILS WEST
  • 1:00 BANDID
  • 1:30 80 PROOF ENGINE

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In a previous issue of the WVA Voice you read again Mrs. Rush’s story of her travels using the entertainer’s names from an earlier year.. Your Editor asked if there was talent in the campground to do the same using names from this year’s line-up. The following was submitted by Ginger L. Thomas, RN of Stillwater, OK, only this time she used the names of the Festival MC’s and Stage Managers. Here is her story:

A Day at Camp-bell

What a DEAL, we were going to have BROWN trout for dinner. There would be no SHIRKEY-ng responsibilities or ROOD behavior tolerated today – we were going fishing! Not only did we have plenty of BATE, we also had a professional ANGLEMYER as our fishing guide. Success! We hauled in Trout and a couple of river MARKLEYs and WOODELLs as well. Back at the camp, HIGGS broke out his CLEAVER and began to clean our catch. Soon, we drew the attention of our neighbors the LeFEVERs, LUNGSTRUMs, and SOBEKs. They eagerly offered the use of their FRAZIER to store the fish. This was a blessing as the POWERS we were using were too low amps.

When the find were packaged and FRIESEN, clean-up began. It was quite a MUSSER, but a handy O’SULLIVAN broom and my SPRWGER Spaniel, made short work of it. His feast lured other dogs to the scene. MORAN up to gorge on the scraps, while some SNOOK up on this free buffet. When man and beast had satisfied their desire for fish, we settled back to do some camp fire pickin! I grabbed a cold KOKE from the SIDEBOTTOM of the cooler. This was the perfect way to end the day in a WVF version of Mr. ROGERS neighborhood!

Ginger says, “Thank you to all the 2017 MC’s and Stage Managers. You are stars!!!!” (Good Job! Ginger!)

A Story from the Campgrounds - Danny Hollabaugh of Blue Springs, MO said his first year at the Festival was 2005 and he has only missed one year since. Some of his favorite memories are taking first timers around all the pickin in the campgrounds in the evening especially Stage 5 and the Carp Camp. Another was showing up in the rain on a Wednesday night and immediately getting stuck. He then left the truck stuck and went to hear for the first time The Haunted Windchimes who were all soaking wet but what a show. But by far his most favorite memory was The Wilders playing on Stage 5 from 3 to 4 in the morning in either 2007 or 2008. They ended with “I wish I was a Catfish, Swimming in the Deep Blue Sea.” Had to be over 1,000 people walking back to they’re campgrounds singing that song in unison!!!! Danny closed with this comment, “You know who you are!! What a beautiful thing.”

Catholic Mass in the Campground - On Saturday evening at 4:00 pm at camp Next to Nowhere, the Mcspebee Clan is pleased to again host this year’s Catholic Mass. Their camp is located on the northwest part of Pecan Grove, right along 14th Avenue, just before the bridge. Father Michael Pratt from Tulsa, Oklahoma will be the celebrant again this year. All are welcome to join us as we gather around the table of the Lord singing those ol’ time gospel favorites.

There’s A Rumor Going Around – While I was delivering the WVA Voice on Tuesday morning everyone kept asking me about something that was supposed to take place on Thursday evening around 11PM on Stage 3. I had to admit I did not know of anything that was happening at that time. But everyone said , “Yes the rumor is true” but they didn’t know what was to happen. I have been led to believe it is something about a tribute to Bob Redford, but I’m not sure. I guess we’ll just have to be at Stage 3 on Thursday evening to see if this rumor is true or not. But don’t tell anyone about this! Larry Junker

In case of emergency please call WVA Security at 620-221-3001