Sunday, September 16, 2017 - Volume 20.10

Thanks from Stage 5

Stage 5, in the Pecan Grove, says thanks to all who signed up to entertain on the old 1954 Chevy Stage. Thanks also to all who sat in the audience to enjoy the various musical groups. We look forward to seeing all of you in September 2018. God Bless and have a great year!

Questionnaire ???????

In the Walnut Valley Festival Program for 2017, there is a questionnaire on page 58. At the end of this year’s Festival, take a few moments to stop and fill out the questionnaire found there. Leave it at the Information Booth or mail it to the Festival Office. Your comments will help us plan for next year’s 47th Annual Festival.

Thanks for helping us help you! What’s your opinion on the VOICE? Let the Festival Office know.

Just A Note... From the entire staff of the 2017 Walnut Valley Festival: We want to extend our sincere thanks for coming to this year’s festival. We hope you have enjoyed yourself and we hope, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we will see you again next year. Pass the word on next year’s date. Have a safe trip home and as the song says, “See you in September.” That’s September 12-16, 2018! Next Year is the 47th Annual Celebration of the Festival!

Craft Contest Results
  • 1st Place – Terry Evans - Wood Art
  • 2nd Place – Pat Bergman – Goldenrod Jewelry
  • 3rd Place – Michelle Rogne – Rogene Ceramics
  • Pantry - Prairie Harvest –Market/Deli of Newton, KS

Honorable Mention: Lon Erwin (Erwin Wood Turning), Steve & Jane Fry (Elk Falls Pottery), Kathy McMillon & Amanda Smith (Baskets), Debbie Winton (Silver Pearl Jewelers), Debbie Gilley (TC Studio), Marc Freeman (Freeman Pottery) and Donna McFarland (Dewberry Ridge Weavers).

Back stage at Stage 4, I was chatting with one of the contestants in the Flat Pick Guitar Contest. He was wearing a necklace that his wife gave him, a brass pick with these words on it: “When Talk Fails, Music Speaks” and I believe that says it all!! Larry Junker

2017 Campsite Winners
  • 1st Place – Canopy Camp
  • 2nd Place – Stage 11 Community
  • 3rd Place - My Grass is Blue

Wrap-up day. We come every year to this time when the Walnut Valley Festival is over for another year. It can be a sad time; we’ve had to say good-by to friends that we won’t (Lord willing) see for another year. But we take with us memories of this Festival and perhaps earlier Festivals. These memories will carry us through the year until next September when we gather again. As Cindy Parks of Stillwater Camp put it, “in early summer we begin to anticipate the Walnut Valley Festival and then when the third week-end in September arrives we begin again to live in the moment.” So until then I wish you all safe travels and God’s blessings. Larry Junker Voice Editor

Folks another year has passed, another wonderful volume of Walnut Valley Memories is now compiled and archived and as we’re packing to head back to Arkansas, yep, we’re refining the list and thinking about 2018! Peace to you all, and pick on! Ernie and Patti Hill

Haikus from Jackie Barnhardt

“Lovers in the Grove”
Pecans and walnuts
Roll underfoot, in tune with
Lovers in the grove

“Carp Dreams”
Music on the breeze
Lullabies and sleepwalking
I dream of green carp

“Bluegrass Hoppers”
Bluegrass hoppers jump
With fiddles and mandolins
Spittin’ and grinnin’

In 2005 Ned Graham (Winfield, KS) wrote a poem about being lost in the campground. He reminded me of this poem because I’m sure at night someone surely got lost out there in the campgrounds whether that is the Pecan Grove or the West Campground. Sooooo ..... for all those who ever got lost and were afraid to talk about their experience, here's the poem:

By Ned Graham

Have you ever been lost in the campground,
In the darkest of black Kansas nights?
Your friends are deep down by the Walnut,
Far from the Fourteenth Street light.
You stumble across a deep gully,
Ricocheting off bushes and trees.
Somebody’s water line trips you,
A guy line bring you to your knees.
You see stars when your head hits a bump-out,
A campfire’s hot coals sear your shoes.
Your friends are playing some Bluegrass,
But yourself, you are playing the Blues.
The Pecan Groves’ long span you have covered,
And you yearn for a beer from the fridge,
Then you remember the memo,
This year we’ll camp North, by the bridge.

The Staff of the WVA VOICE (Rex Flottman, Larry Junker, and Ernie Hill) are a tired lot but we did want to say THANKS for all your many comments. We appreciated them. Lord willing, we’ll be back next year beating our keyboards, searching out interesting stories and burning the midnight oil to get the VOICE out to you. We leave you as we have in the past with something that’s worth repeating as we have these past 18 years:

An Old Irish Blessing
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
May the rains fall softly upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May GOD hold you in the palm of HIS hand!

Have A Safe Trip Home! We Want To See You Back Here Next Year for the 47th Annual Celebration! September 12-16, 2018

THANKS One and All! See You In September 2018