Martin Schuman

Contest Place Year
International Autoharp Championship First 1981

B.J. Perkins wrote:

Marty was my music partner for many, many years. And he was such a perfectionist that he only made on tape before he died. The tape has since been transformed into a CD. The album's name is: Autoharpistry!

It's a wonderful CD and Marty shows off his musical skills and innovation and even slips in his banjo strung with weed eater chord.

It's sad, really,that Marty was never sure he was good enough. If that hadn't been the case, we would have more CDs to remember him by.

I'm lucky, though. I have five or six tapes that Marty made while we were sitting on his porch playing....many hours of great musical fun!! I made the tapes into a CD since that's what we are all using at the moment!!

Thank you,

B.J. Perkins

All Instrumentation and vocals
First International Autoharp Champion
Winfleld, Kansas, 1981

Recorded at
Gainesville, FL

March Medley recorded at
Tampa, FL

*Bass: Mark Fackeldey
Special Thanks to Marck Fackeldey, June Maugery, Chet Oscarson

Cover Photo by B.J. Perkins

For Information:
(386) 418-8867


  • Simple Gifts A
  • Sugar Hill A,b
  • Lorena A.B.V
  • Twelfth St. Rag A.G
  • Dixie Darling A,b,G,V
    • (A.P. Carter)
  • Stephen Foster Medley
    • Beautiful Dreamer A
    • Old Folks at Home A,G
    • Old Black Joe A,b
    • Camptown Races A,b,G
  • Soul of Man A,b,G,V
  • Over the Waterfall A.B
  • Empty Pockets Blues AAG,V
    • (L Hays and P. Seeger)
  • Flop Eared Mule A,b,G
  • One Meatball
  • A.G.V
  • Washington-Lee Swing/ Our Director's March .. .A,b,b,G,B*
  • Blind Mary A
  • (T. O'Carolan)
  • New River Train A.b.G.V

A = Autoharp
b = banjo
G = Guitar
B = Bass
V = Vocal