Fairgrounds map


If you search for our festival with your GPS, you may get directed to our year-round office on Main Street in beautiful downtown Winfield. The festival itself is about 3/4ths of a mile west of downtown. Take 9th Avenue (US 160) west from downtown Winfield. The main entry gate is the western of the two entrances. The eastern entrance is for re-entry only (after you've gotten wristbands).

Fairgrounds location map


Fairgrounds map






Interior Map

1.    Stage I

2.    Stage II

3.    Stage III

4.    Stage IV

5A.  North Concessions

5B.  Central Concessions

5C.  South Concessions

6.     Crafts Areas

7.     Information Booth

8A.  Restrooms

8B.  Handicap Restrooms

10.   Internet Cafe - Northwest Veranda

11.   Contest Registration

12.   Contest Warm Up Tent &

           North Workshop Pick Up

13.   Walnut Valley Mercantile

14.   Barn 10 & Massage

29.   Ice Station

Fairgrounds Map


9.   First Aid Station &

         So. Workshop Pick Up

15. Security

16. Re-Entry

17. Main Entrance

18. Handicap Camping

19 West Campground

20. West Campground-North Highway

21. Pecan Grove Camping

22. Pecan Grove-Horse Barn Camping

23. Day Parking

24. Motorcycle Parking

25. Long Term Parking-West

26. Long Term Parking-Pecan

27. Portable Showers

28. Golf Cart Rental

29. Ice Station

30. Firewood

31. Stage 5

32. Stage 6 & Feisty Music Camp

33. Worker Parking

34. Restricted Parking

35. Handicap Parking

36. Brick Walk

37. Horse Barn

38. RV Dump Station

39. Go Cart Track