2014 International Autoharp Championship winners

Date: September 18, 2014                         Time: 11:30 AM

Contest Name: 2014 International Autoharp Contest

1st Place Winner:  Bonnie Phipps
City/State/Zip: Boulder, CO 
Website: www.bonniephipps.com
Prize Instrument Selected:  dAigle Cascade Super Single Key D Autoharp provided by 
                  Pete Daigle of Seatac, WA
2nd Place Winner:  Cindy Harris
City/State/Zip: Pittsburgh, PA  
Prize Instrument Selected:  An Evoharp Legacy 21 provided by 
 The Dulcimer Shoppe/McSpadden of Mountain View, AR

3rd Place Winner:  George Haig
City/State/Zip: Dunfermline, Fife Scotland 
Prize Instrument Selected: An Oscar Schmidt OS21C provided by 
  Oscar Schmidt Washburn International of Buffalo
       Grove,  IL