Walnut Valley Festival to Delay Land Rush

Winfield, Kansas September 4, 2018

Officials at Walnut Valley Association have announced that the Land Rush for this year’s Walnut Valley Festival will be delayed till the weekend in order to allow for drying of the campgrounds. Land Rush will NOT be held on Thursday, September 6, as planned. On Thursday at noon, officials will announce whether the Land Rush will be held on Saturday, Sept. 8, or Sunday, Sept. 9. The information will be posted on the WVF website, wvfest.com, on the Festival’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and posted on the mobile app as well.

Festival officials ask that people delay their arrival to festival grounds until Friday. If they are already parked on grounds, they should plan on just leaving their vehicle where it is at. On Thursday, also, announcement will be made of partial refunds for payments already made for electric hookups.

Officials stress that the delay in Land Rush is NOT related to fears of flooding of the campgrounds. “This just gives us a chance to make sure our campgrounds are accessible when we release a bunch of campers into them to set up their camps,” said WVA Coordinator Rick Meyer.