Family Garden

John McCutcheon
Rounder Records

WVA Occasional July 95

Nothing makes me happier than to see a new John McCutcheon album. This one's for kids and the kid in me finds it very satisfying. Six of the thirteen songs were penned wi th Si Kahn one of which is the title song "Family Garden." Such a beautiful song! It surely will be one of John's most requested songs at his concerts for some time to come. Three of the songs on the album were written with students from various workshops that John conducts. There's also a lovely song entitled "Happy Adoption Day" that celebrates the joy of having an adopted child in the family. The wonderful thing about John's albums is that when your children insist on playing them over and over (and they will) you won't mind. The songs have a lot of "pizzazz" that both you and the kids will love. Family Garden is the third of John's albums for kids. Be sure to look up his first two. Mail Myself to You (Rounder Records, 13 selections) includes "Kindergarten Wall" and "I'm A Little Cookie." Howjadoo (Rounder Records, 14 selections) includes John's birthday song, "Cut the Cake" and the Rubber Blubber Whale Song." Howjadoo was also the 1985 NAIRD Children's Album of the Year. John's albums are all Worthy of your attention especially if you have kids.

Rounder Records: One Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140

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